Hoverboard or Electric Longboard?

I saw a lot of people ask what is diference betwen hoverboard and eletric longboard? Well the biggest diference is in wheels,hoverboard have 2 wheels and longboard 4,so you will have better balance on longboard.Electric longboard are faster,more stable and they cost more.Is that money affor to spend?I would say yes,in my oppinion electric longboards […]

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What Is Electric Longboard?

Electric Longboard is a normal longboard(or in soe cases skateboard) that is little modified with electric motor.You can control that elec.longboard with RF remote.They are really fast so when you ride it please,safety first!Hoverboards have 2 wheels and Elec. longboard have 4 wheel so that makes them more stable and easyer to learn ride.You can […]

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Hello To Everyone!

Hello and welcome to our new website blog about electric longboards.You will be able to find out what are electric longboards,news,best paces to buy them and best elec. longboards reviews.Stay with us 🙂

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