Hoverboard or Electric Longboard?

I saw a lot of people ask what is diference betwen hoverboard and eletric longboard?

Well the biggest diference is in wheels,hoverboard have 2 wheels and longboard 4,so you will have better balance on longboard.Electric longboard are faster,more stable and they cost more.Is that money affor to spend?I would say yes,in my oppinion electric longboards are more safer than hoverboards,they are faster and if you are adrenaline junkie it is best pick for you.

Should I buy Hoverboard or Electric Longboard?

You love speed and adrenaline?Then buy electric longboard.You want to look cool? Then buy hoverboard.Simple as that!


Why I think that elec. logboard are safer than hoverboards?Well you can everyday read about some new hoverboard explosion.Did you ever read about longboard explosion?NO!But you will be safe if you buy quality hoverboard and not cheap ones.

Keep in mind if you do not know what is good you always know what is expensive 😉


Check out for hoverboards—> http://hlusw.com/product-category/hoverboards/

Check out for longboards—->http://hlusw.com/product-category/electric-longboard/

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