Hoverboard World Record by Franky Zapata

You Can Find Video Here

French jet ski icon Franky Emiliano Zapata has set a replacement Guinness record for the furthest hoverboard flight, movement a distance of seven,388ft (2251m) on thirty Gregorian calendar month within the south of France.The previous record was set by Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru with distance of 905ft (275m) at a height of 16ft (5m).

In video you’ll see initial prospering take a look at flight on Flyboard Air, Emiliano Zapata told that this hoverboardis ready to succeed in heights u to ten,000ft (3050m) and reach prime speed of 95mph (153kmh).

The Flyboard Air is supercharged by reaction engine propulsion and you’re controling it’s speed,direction and height with joystick.Flyboard Air is featured with eight propellers,futuristic designed frame made of carbon fibre and motor supercharged by twelve metallic element compound batteries.Pretty cool toy!Movie Back to the long run a pair of may be reality shortly.

Flyboard Air has a pair of competitors during this business which square measure Hendo Hoverboard and Lexus Hoverboard however neither one in all them didn’t go this way like Emiliano Zapata invention.Maybe Flyboard areinitial real hoverboard on market.We don’t understand something concerning value however we all know that ifyou wish to shop for it initial you’ll actually need to empty your pockets!


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